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Best Ways to Properly Dispose Scrap Computer Wastes

Scrap computer waste accounts for 70% of all electronic waste in the world, although computers are the most mass-produced electronic devices in the world. However, most people don’t know the process involved in properly disposing of computer waste, and thus, this article will explain in detail the best ways to dispose of computer waste properly. 

However, you need to dispose of your computer waste properly to protect the environment from pollutants and contaminants. 

Computers are said to be made of dangerous substances that, if disposed of at landfills, would release these substances into the environment.

When it comes to computer waste, there are many ways to properly dispose of old computer waste, which include recycling, donating them to nonprofits or charity organizations, selling them off as scraps, and also refurbishing them.

1. Recycling

One of the best ways you can properly dispose of your computer waste and prevent it from sending dangerous substances to the land, water, or air is to recycle the materials. 

The recycling process begins by taking the computer apart. The screws and other hardware are removed, and the chassis is broken down into its parts. 

This includes the metals and plastics, and also the glasses. The parts are then cleaned and sorted according to type.

The metal parts are melted down and cast into new parts, while the plastic parts are reused or recycled.

However, according to research, valuable materials such as gold, steel, and aluminum can also be attracted to used computer waste during the recycling process, so that it can be used to make new products. 

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2. Donate them to charitable organizations or non-profits

Another great way you can properly dispose of computer waste is to donate the computer to a nonprofit or charity organization. 

This will help to extend the life of the computer and keep it out of landfills.

Computers are products that most need if only some component of them is working.

However, in a situation where the computers have no hope of working, these nonprofits or charitable organizations can use the computer parts for other projects or recycle them into another product.

Best Ways to Properly Dispose Scrap Computer Wastes
Used computers (old computers)

3. Sell them off as scrap

Scrap buyers are dominating the world and also help prevent valuable materials from getting into landfills. 

Selling your computer waste to scrap buyers is also a great way to properly dispose of your computer waste.

These buyers can be found in various locations around the globe.

They are involved in buying the waste for their projects or destroying this waste into different components and sending it off for recycling.

Additionally, they are also involved in preventing the environment from being polluted by conterminous substances.

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4. Refurbish them

While some suggest burying them in an environmentally friendly landfill, experts have also confirmed that it’s dangerous and not recommended when trying to dispose of your computer. 

While trying to dispose of your computer waste, another great way you can think of is by refurbishing them.

Refurbishing your computer waste entails returning it to the manufacturer in exchange for a new one. 

Though not all companies accept this method, most do. That’s why it would be great to make inquiries with them before sending in the computers.

These manufacturing companies, after accepting your computer, sometimes refurbish them into new computers and sell them out. But if it’s not refurbishable, they recycle it.

5. Incinerate Them

Another way you can properly dispose of your computer waste is to incinerate it. Incineration is the burning of materials in a furnace at a high temperature. 

However, sometimes this might not be a great option to dispose of your computer waste, especially if you don’t have a furnace at a higher temperature.

In cases where you don’t have a furnace that is at its highest temperature, you can use other methods, such as recycling them, refurbishing them, selling them off as scraps, or donating them to a nonprofit or charity organization.

But if you have the furnace and the computers are burnt into ashes, the leftover ashes can be buried in a landfill or used as construction material.

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