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Waste Management

Water Treatment System or Cycle

The sources of water as include surface, ground and atmospheParametersric water sources. Although some of these water sources are expected to be pristine but they are not. Therefore, disinfection of the water is recommended.

Water Treatment System or Cycle

Figure 8 shows the water treatment system. From the surface and groundwater sources to water treatment plants, the water is made useful. The useful potable and palatable water is distributed to houses, industries and institutions for use.

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Wastewaters are later generated and this has to be disposed, recycled or reused before the effluent is discharged back into the stream to continue the system. This is known as the water treatment system or cycle.

Water Treatment System or Cycle

Fig. 8: Water Treatment System or Cycle

A Typical Water Treatment Plant

Figure 9 shows the configuration of a typical water treatment plant.

image 84

Fig. 9: A Typical Water Treatment Plant


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