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Waste Recycling

Tire Recycling: How to Recycle Old Tires (Used Tires)

Tire recycling can be seen as or described as the process of recycling waste tires also called used tires or old tires that are no longer valuable or have no use on vehicles or motors due to wear out or irreplaceable damage.

Due to the large number of tires produced, they are a challenging source of waste.

However, if waste tires i.e. tires that are no longer of use are not properly managed, they may cause rubber pollution.

Now are you wondering what to do with old tires, how to get rid of old tires, where to get rid of old tires, as well as the uses for old tires? Then this article will answer your questions and provide a great guide for you to get started.

According to some researchers, it was said and estimated that over one billion scrap tires were in stockpiles in the United States with people looking for used tires near me/them on daily basis.

When you recycle old tires, they are taken to a commercial reprocessing site to be treated with chemicals that will break them down into some materials that can be reused.

Some recycled tire materials are sometimes used ‘to make rubberized asphalt, which is normally used to resurface many roads.

It is very important to recycle tires to make sure that the environment is clean, and a simply visit to tire recycling center near me/you can make a great difference to get started.

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Tire Recycling: How to Recycle Old Tires (Used Tires)
Old tires (Used tires) can also be re-purposed into different amazing uses

One of the most important of tire recycling again is that it reduces landfills space, it releases a small number of toxic chemicals into the air.

It also prevents the spread of diseases that can occur by pilling up tires in landfill sites. When a tire is not properly disposed of, is not only harmful to the environment, it is an incredible waste of highly used resources.

A good solution to worn tires that are abandoned is to have them properly recycled, just like humans, tires also have a life span.

Once they become too old, worn out, and irreplaceable, they are likely to be disposed of at landfills which always leads to some environmental hazards.

Therefore there are some possible efforts to reduce the pile-up of tires in the landfills.

Some people reuse waste tires for different purposes at home, like using waste tires as gyms in the jungle, and some people reuse the tire waste for shoes and sometimes belts.

Tires that have already been used are usually among the most problematic challenging issues of waste.

Some tires are categorized as end-of-life tires, they are tires that are no longer of use or functional, and this is due to damage and as a result of wear out.

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To recycle tires involves the conversion of waste tires into some materials that we use to create new products like shoes, water fetching buckets for wells, etc. tires needs to be recycled because of their increasing numbers and how fast they reach their end-of-life, which means more tires are going to the landfills.

According to researchers, over 1 billion scrap tires are generated and in the US alone, about 249 million waste tires around some years back now.

Therefore the only way to get rid of waste tires properly arranged is through recycling.

Tire recycling is a good choice, the only economical way to keep up production sometimes is through recycling.

Tire recycling doesn’t come easily, it takes loads of effort to recycle tires even as it is wide-spreading.

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Waste Tire Recycling Guide (Used Tires or Old Tires)

Tire Recycling: How to Recycle Old Tires (Used Tires)
Old tires (Used tires) can also be repurposed into different smart creative uses

The following are some steps on how you can recycle your waste tires (old tires or used tires);

1. Collection of the waste tires

This is the first stage in any recycling process. At this stage, tires are been collected from individuals and businesses that deal with tires.

After the collection of these scrap or waste tires, they are now moved to the recycling centers after they might have reached a particular number.

2. Shredding i.e. Tire Processing

After the collection process, the tires are then cut into small pieces to reduce the sizes of the tire into a material that can be easily handled by an individual.

At the end of this shredding or tire processing stage, raw materials that you can use for fuel can be derived.

3. The Steel Liberation

In this process, you prepare the already shredded tires and separate tires wires from rubbers. It involves the separation of fiber and screening.

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4. The Screening Stage

The process of separating wires from rubber or tires is known as screening.

In this process, you are to observe the rubber by making sure no wire is left in the rubber.

This process also involves the removal of any unwanted substances and reducing the size of unwanted leftover pieces and rubbers.

5. The Clearing Stage

This stage involves the clearing of the screened rubber whereby you can use water and cleaning agents in a proper and thorough cleaning process.

6. The Packaging and Transportation Stage

This is the final stage of recycling your tires. In this process, the cleaned rubber you might have cleaned from the previous stage is then packaged for transportation so that it can be delivered to factories that require them for raw materials.

Some of these factories are rubber shoes and playground turfs manufacturer’s factories.

Animals like monkeys, big cats, etc. find tires a perfect plaything in zoos so instead of throwing old tires in the landfills or just disposing of them, you can take them to zoos, sports clubs, or play parks around you.

Some military personnel use tires for exercise which is a very good way to reuse tires. You can also make crafts, artworks, and even sculptures from your old tires.

Tire fitting companies can help in helping you to change your old tires into new ones so instead of disposing of them, you can take them for exchange even for some little charges attached.

You can also take your old tires to a tire recycling near me/you, like the liberty tire recycling among many others.

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In conclusion, recycling waste tires offer good and immeasurable benefits. It helps to create new products, reduces the number of tires on landfill space, and also helps environmental disease prevent tires and pollution as a result of burning them.


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