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Environmental Management

The Role of Educational Intervention in Environmental Action

In 1978 the UNESCO adopts a central vision of environmental education within the framework of its environmental education programme (1975–1995). In line with this goal a document entitled Reshaping Education for Sustainable Development, published by UNESCO (UNESCO, 1978).

The goal is to inform and help people learn about the environmental issues as well as develop skills and attitudes in solving the challenges.

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Gardner and Stern (2002), argued that although private actions for the environment are important, the most effective actions are collective, when people organize to pressure the government and industries to act for the common good.

Within the private sphere people should make similar strategic decisions as some choices have more impact on the environment than others.

Reshaping Education for Sustainable Development,

In conclusion, in order to successfully achieve the environmental action plan, it is necessary and fundamental for the general populace to be educated and awareness must be raised through all forms of media outlets such as radio, television, social media platforms, SMS, post bills, and legislation against any negative action.


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