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Environmental Management

The Social Environment Structure of the Environment

The social environment refers to the combined structure involving human to human interactions. The social structure of a human community is made up of;

The constraint environment which includes the physical, biological and chemical constraints to which human activity is subject.

Infrastructure, defined here to include;

Mode of production which deals with the technology and the practices employed in expanding or limiting production and the ensuing techno-environmental relationships.

Mode of reproduction which deals with the technology and practices employed for expanding, limiting and maintaining population size.

Structure which refers to relationships or bonds between group of individuals in a society and include;

Primary group structure: such family members, community, friendship networks, voluntary organizations who interact in an intimate basis and enforce socially acceptance values.

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The primary group can be a potent instrument in disseminating environmental education.

The Social Environment Structure of the Environment

They perform such functions as regulating reproduction, basic production, socialization, education, and enforcing domestic discipline.

Secondary group structure: A small or large group of individuals which members interact without emotional commitment to one another. They may include government, parties, factions, military and police, businesses and industries, media, non-governmental organizations, professional association, labour union etc.

These organizations are coordinated through bureaucracies. They perform many functions such as regulating production, reproduction, socialization, education and enforcing social discipline. They are a potent source of environmental policy formulation and implementation.

Superstructure which is made up of the cultural superstructure (art, music, dance, literature, rituals, sports, games, science etc.) and mental superstructure (that is conscious and unconscious motives for human behavior (values, emotions, traditions). The superstructure influence the way human interact with the environment.

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