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Rumpke Recycling Services Complete Guide

We’re going to talk about Rumpke waste and recycling today. This article will explain everything there is to know about the Rumpke recycling system and the services it provides.

But, before we get into the full-service guide, there are a few things you should know about Rumpke waste and recycling systems.

Let’s get started!

Rumpke Waste and Recycling has been in business since 1932, keeping the neighborhoods and other business areas clean. They offer environmentally friendly waste disposal and recycling options.

Rumpke trash is also one of the largest privately-owned residential, commercial waste, and recycling companies in the states of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and West Virginia.

People can search for the locations closest to them like the Rumpke Dayton Ohio, Rumpke Columbus Ohio, etc.

Rumpke Recycling, Rumpke Portable Restrooms, The William-Thomas Group, Rumpke Hydraulics, and Rumpke Haul-it-Away are also divisions.

However, when it comes to recycling your waste, Rumpke waste and recycling is good option. They provide numerous valuable services, such as industrial waste management and office waste removal.

So, if you live in an area where Rumpke waste and recycling operates, their experts will always take the time to understand your project and timelines.

Dealing with Rumpke garbage also provide the best solutions at the most competitive prices.

Moreover, whether you are a commercial or residential customer planning a project, Rumpke waste and recycling is a good option.

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Rumpke Waste and Recycling’s main goal is to provide a good solution for keeping the environment clean while also providing the best services to their customers.

They also provide the following services:

1. Trash removal and recycling services for homes and offices.

2. Construction site waste management

3. Industrial waste management

4. They provide residents with a 96-gallon trash can.

5. Portable restroom rentals for both residents and offices.

6. Commercial trash pickups and removals.

7. Battery disposal

8. Hydraulics, and more.

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Everything You Need to Know to Get Started With Rumpke

Rumpke Recycling Services Complete Guide

Before you attempt to use Rumpke waste and recycling services, there are things you need to know. Such as items that can be recyclable and items that can not.

But first, let’s talk about items that can be recyclable with Rumpke Waste and recycling(RWR).

The Items You Can Recycle with Rumpke Recycling Services (RWR)

The following are examples of recyclable items:

1. At Rumpke waste and recycle, you can recycle all colors of glass, bottles, and jars can be recycled.

2. Metal cans, such as aluminum cans, steel cans and lids, and empty aerosol cans with lids and tips removed, can also be recycled.

3. It is also possible to recycle milk jugs, soda bottles, laundry detergent bottles, water bottles, shampoo bottles, and contact solution bottles are examples of bottles and jugs with a small mouth and a wider base at the firm.

4. Plastic Containers for butter, sour cream cottage cheese, yogurt, jello, and fruit slices are examples of tubs. Before recycling, lids that should be reattached can also be recycled.

5. Plastic cups, such as fast food beverage cups, can be recycled.

6. Another option is to recycle newspapers, magazines, cardboard, mixed office paper and envelopes, paperboard (cereal boxes), pizza boxes free of food debris and grease, telephone books, and catalogs, which are all examples of paper.

7. Paper cups, such as fast food beverage cups, coffee cups, and dixie cups, can also be recycled.

8. Food and beverage cartons, such as milk, juice, soup, wine, broth, and other cartoons, can also be recycled.

Note: Cups are not accepted in Central Kentucky, and paper cups are not accepted in Northeast Ohio if you’d reside around these areas.

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The Items You Cannot Recycle with Rumpke Recycling Services (RWR)

Rumpke Recycling Services Complete Guide
Rumpke jobs (Rumpke careers)

The following are the list of non-recyclable items:

1. Plastic bags.

2. Cassette tapes

3. Bed linens

4. Hooks.

5. Chains made of metal

6. Garden hoses.

7. Batteries.

8. Needles.

9. Syringes.

10. Electronics, polystyrene foam, buckets, car parts, food, yard waste, light bulbs, drinking glasses, ceramics, pots and pans, scrap metal, and other materials are not recyclable at Rumpke.

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Rumpke Recycling Services Complete Guide

Recycling is one of the most effective and efficient ways possible to reduce your carbon pollution and landfill waste. And such services are also provided by Rumpke waste and recycling.

Because they only do residential recycling, which can be recycled and reused.

The following information is a useful guide to Rumpke’s waste and recycling service, which includes allowing your recycled items to be free from contamination.

This is the most important guide at Rumpke. Because Rumpke cares about the safety of its members and customers. As a result, contaminants are not accepted at the Rumpke firm.

Make sure your items are clean and free of contamination before recycling them.

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I hope this guide has helped you understand the Rumpke recycling system better; if so, please leave a comment below!

Please don’t forget to also share with others that you think can benefit from this information as we may not be able to reach everyone at the same time. Thank you so much for reading and sharing!


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