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Ways you can Properly Dispose of Old Phones (Used Phones)

Phones, like anything else, will become obsolete and turn to old phones in the years to come. Nevertheless, you never know when you might need to use one or buy one or when you may have to dispose of it. 

Proper disposal of old phones or used phones or any other electronic goods is important to prevent waste, protect the environment and keep the cost of disposing of them down.

While 70% of people don’t know how to properly dispose of their phones – some throw them away in landfills or waterways, and it ends up causing more damage to the environment by releasing chemicals into the environment.

However, to properly dispose of your old or used phones, here are some tips to properly dispose of old phones.

1. Refurbishing Old phones (Nokia old phones, Motorola old phones, etc.)

Old or used phones or other mobile devices are a great source of value. 

Sometimes, people want to get rid of them and the most common way is to throw them away in landfills or waterways. 

Meanwhile, there are better ways to dispose of them which will not only help you to keep the environment safe but also the phone.

Among the ways you can properly dispose of your old or used phones, is refurbishing them. 

Refurbishing entails the methods of transforming old or used products into their original types. 

And for phones, sometimes they need a proper refurbishing of these phones. 

However, most people do not need these phones anymore, so refurbishing them won’t be of great help to them.

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2. Donate to charity shops or stores

Refurbishing old or used phones is not of great help to some people for them to properly dispose of their phones. 

However, they can also donate it to charity stores or shops.

Charity shops or stores are places where items are sold at a minimum price, and the profit gained from these items is donated to charity organizations.

A person who does not need his or her phone anymore can donate them to charity shops or stores, instead of disposing them at landfills or waterways where it would cause more damage to the environment.

Ways you can Properly Dispose of Old Phones (Used Phones)

3. Recycling

To get rid of old phones responsibly, phone recycling is another great way to. 

Phone recycling is becoming more important than ever, especially if you are storing your old phone. 

A professional recycling facility can help you safely dispose of your old phone.

Brands such as Nokia are recycling old Nokia phones around the globe. Their online services are in countries such as the United Kingdom, United States, and so on.

Phones are made up of materials that are likely important for most manufacturing companies. 

Materials such as gold, silver, metals, steel, and more are in demand in manufacturing companies. 

And they are likely to be extracted from old or used phones when recycled.

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4. Sell it

Not all old or used phones are not working anymore, and anyway, a good easy way to properly dispose of your old or used phones is by selling them off.

Many people are willing to buy it from you but haven’t gotten a chance to meet you.

However, the internet has made things easier for us. We can easily meet those in need online, and one of the best ways is through the Facebook marketplace.

The Meta family social media platform such as Instagram, Facebook, or WhatsApp are great places for us to properly market our old and used phones to those in need of it.

5. Gift a family or friend

Has your friend ever asked you to give them your phone? Or has any of your family asked you?

If not, instead of disposing of your old or used phones at landfills or waterways while it’s still working, it would be best if you give someone the phone, either a friend, family or neighbor.

But, if there’s any chance you think the phone won’t be of any good to anyone even if you refurbished it, the best way left to properly dispose of such phones is by recycling them.

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