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Plastic Waste Baskets Recycling Complete Guide

Plastic waste baskets are used mostly for waste keeping before disposing of them, but what will you do if it’s not more useful? Will you dispose of it at landfills or recycle it into a new product?

Plastic waste baskets are of many types and can be found at a variety of places such as schools, homes, stores, and business offices. However, recycling plastic waste baskets is not easy, but it can therefore stand as a means of generating income and also save time for plastic manufacturing companies.

So what are the methods involved in recycling plastic waste baskets?

What are the things you need to do when recycling your waste baskets?

In the article, I will show you the process involved in recycling your user plastic waste baskets and all you need to know to get started.

Plastic waste baskets can therefore be recycled into different products. It can be recycled into a new basket, plastic bags, chairs, and any other products made of plastic. However, when it comes to the recycling process it varies depending on the manufacturing company.

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Though, the plastic waste baskets recycling process is usually in 5 simple ways, which include:

1. Collection of all plastic waste baskets from various places.

2. Cleaning them up by removing the dirt and debris.

3. Sorting them out by their colors and types.

4. Chop and heat them until they are liquified.

5. And lastly molding the liquify plastic into a new product.

The processes are explained below:

Plastic Waste Baskets Recycling Complete Guide

1. The Collection Stage

The collection stage involves the collecting of all plastic waste baskets from different locations available such as stores, business offices, homes, and as well schools.

Without the collection stage, recycling plastic waste baskets cannot be done. This is because, without you collecting and gathering the plastic waste basket, there will not be any basket available for recycling.

After the collection process, the next stage involves cleaning them up.

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2. The Cleaning Stage

All baskets that are collected are likely to be contained with dirt and debris. The cleaning stage entails you removing all dirt, debris, or any contaminants are would likely be found in the plastic waste basket.

This process can be done through a thorough washing of the basket being college. After this stage, the next stage is involved in the sorting stage.

3. The Sorting Stage

Waste Baskets are made of different colors and types, depending on the factors involved. The sorting stage entails you collecting all waste baskets of the same color or types, and gathering them together at a place.

4. The Chopping and Heating Stage

After the baskets are collected, cleaned, and sorted out, the next stage involved in plastic waste recycling is the chopping and heating stage. But before the plastic is being heated, most recycling companies chop off the plastic into smaller pieces, so it will be easier to heat.

However, there are machines these companies use in both chopping and heating plastic till it liquifies. These machines can be found at many places around the world for sale if needed.

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5. The Molding Stage

Recycling has helped many manufacturing companies to save money and time looking for materials. Though, plastic waste baskets are not exempted when it comes to recycling.

The molding stage is the last stage of the recycling process. This stage is usually after the chopping and heating stage, where all collected baskets are molded into a new product such as chairs, plastic rubbers, plastic bags, and so on.


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