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Old Mattress (Mattress Wastes) Money Making Complete Guide

Old mattress recycling has gone a long way as a recycling business opportunity in past years. People often ask questions like; what to do with old mattress, how to get rid of old mattress, old mattress disposal process, how to dispose of old mattress, how to get rid of an old mattress, what to do with an old mattress, and many more related questions while seeking for answers to guide them.

Some parts in our old mattresses like the wood, foam, fat, cotton, plastic, and fabric can be sold off to any mattress recycling center near me/you to generate income.

Also, you can decide to collect old mattresses for money from those who want to dispose theirs just as recyclers also hope to generate more revive from some of the reclaimed materials.

Wood for instance can be recycled into biofuel or other recyclable wood products which can be sold for money.

Plastics can also be recycled by plastic recyclers to form new products from them. 

Additionally, steel from the boxes as well as the springs can also be recycled into new metal products.

Cotton felt can as well be recycled into a new felt and maybe insolation.

Lastly, foam can be turned into the carpet under the log. 

As we all know, the best and most good way to dispose a mattress is by recycling the mattress i.e. for income instead of throwing your mattress in the garbage which will end up in a landfill and add to the environmental plant waste.

You can decide to take them to waste recyclers where you may likely sell them at a very good amount of money depending on the type of mattress. 

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According to the old mattress factory, more than 70 to 80 percent of mattresses can be recycled.

Oftentimes, most people collect the old mattress and we may be wondering why, well that’s because most of them collect these old mattresses, take them to recycle facilities where they are recycled and turned into new products which they can now sell for a very good amount of money in exchange.

Collecting old mattresses is another good way of making money or generating income at ease for oneself.

The following are some old mattress disposal sources where you can collect mattresses;

– Hotels and other hospitality industries

– Individual households.

– Some charity programs generate unusable mattresses in an attempt to provide new mattresses to those that need them.

– Also mattress manufacturers and retailers offer to recycle old mattresses.

If you want to make money from your mattresses, then you must keep them safe and useable, your mattress must be in the right shape although it might be old, and it should be able to serve others. 

If those mattresses are already too old and worn out, the best thing is to just call the waste recyclers near you to take them off your hand. 

But if the mattresses are still in good shape and useable, you can sell them to earn money. 

And peradventure the mattresses are too old and worn out, you can still separate or break them down to remove some parts that can be sold for money like the springs, woods or cotton which can later be turned into new products or used for something else.

If you come to think of the potential of recycling your mattresses, you will not want to throw your old mattresses away when you know you can earn a few dollars off them. 

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Once you know that you can make money from your old mattresses, then you will believe me when I say that your old mattresses have nothing to do with the garbage, and this is because up to 80 to 90 percent of mattresses can be recycled for income. 

Therefore we should try to take our mattresses to recycling centers instead of throwing them away because it will also be a good income source for us. 

How to Get Started with Old Mattress (Mattress Wastes) Recycling

Old Mattress (Mattress Wastes) Money Making Complete Guide

You can start by putting a call through to any old mattress factory near you, and explaining to them that you have some old mattresses you will love to give out for recycling.

The reason for this call is simply because your mattresses can not enter into your bin and also if you have more than one mattress. 

So when making this call through to the recycling centers, make sure you agree on the date for your old mattress pick up, and if possible you can give them a date since you have a large number of old mattresses you want to give out. 

You may even get them to pay you for the old mattresses. 

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Also, make sure you tidy up your old mattresses before calling the recycling agents. Please don’t just call them and go to rest leaving your mattresses unarranged. 

Tidy up your mattresses and make them look good so that you can be paid a reasonable amount for them. 

You may not even wash them but you can ensure they are clean enough for the old mattress recyclers to be able to carry. 

By doing so you are ensuring the best of your mattresses, any price or amount you want to sell off the mattress, the recycling company will even be eager to pay for them because they are clean and well arranged.

Some mattresses are expensive to transport and process, therefore, those that collect old mattresses and transport them are likely to make money too. 

As foam mattresses become popular, the profit sometimes could become very high or low because the woods and the springs are used in most traditional mattress construction, and are more profitable to recycle than the foam.

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