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Environmental Management

Oil Exploration and Exploitation Activities

It is a fact that the oil industry has affected the country’s economy in a number of ways but the adverse effect of petroleum exploitation on environment in the form of oil spills, extensive deforestation, loss of farms, loss of soil fertility, erosion, gas flaring, contamination of streams and rivers, effluent discharge and disposal is what the host communities are plaque with.

The deliberate act of sabotage and vandalization of oil installations causes extensive contamination of soil and water.

Frequent rains and a high water table allow the oil contamination to be carried further down the delta through the creeks contaminating surface water and river sediments.

The contamination of soil, surface water and ground water in turn impacts agriculture and fisheries negatively.

Gas flares have potentially harmful effects on the environment, health and livelihood of the communities as they release a variety of harmful and poisonous chemicals including nitrogen dioxides, sulfur dioxide, and volatile organic compound such as benzene, toluene, xylene and hydrogen sulfide as well as carcinogens like benzapyrene and dioxin which can cause health complications.

In conclusion, the nature of ecological consequences of mismanagement of natural resources in this unit resound the effects as it relates to agricultural activities, soil health and the impact of mining and petroleum exploitation on the environment.Read

Shelterbelts are called by different names such as windbreaks, hedgerows, fence rows etc. They protect crop fields by reducing wind erosion, improving crop water use and increasing crop yields and economic returns.

Oil Exploration and Exploitation Activities

The objective of Green belt varies from country to country and region to region. The common objectives are to protect natural environments such as biodiversity, improve air quality of the region, pollution control, to maintain micro climate of the region, combat desert encroachment etc.

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Open green spaces are potentially attractive to tourists and visitors as holiday destinations.


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