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Metro Recycling Services Complete Guide

This article is all about the metro recycling services guide. All you need to know about them is where they operate, what they recycle, what they don’t recycle, and how you can recycle with them.

Metro Recycling has been in existence since 1988. Just like any other recycling company, their goal is to take good care of the environment so it will be free from waste pollution.

The small recycling company, which started years ago, has grown into a big company.

The recycling firm first evolved in Blue Island, Illinois, before building two other facility branches in Indiana and Valparaiso.

When it comes to recycling items at Metro Recycling, they make sure to serve their customers’ interests as best as they can. However, certain precautions must be taken when recycling your items with them to avoid problems in the long run.

Now there are Portland metro recycling, Metro recycling Oregon city,

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If you want to recycle waste materials with them, you have to meet the following requirements: This is required mostly by the state government, which includes;

  • Your name and address. 
  • Your government-issued photo ID or driver’s license depends.
  • You must sign a form affirming that all the material is not stolen. 
  • Your license plate number will be needed if you drive a car into the facility.

These are the main things required from you at each metro recycling firm. Furthermore, more things will be required from you at the recycling firm when needed. 

Their official working hours are Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and Saturday, 7:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Services that Metro Recycling Center offers 

They do more than just recycling of waste items at their firms. However, all recycling firms, like theirs, also have services they offer. They offer a few services like,

  • Rental services for recycling containers. Metro Recycling offers such a service for any company or individual that is likely to rent a recycling container. 
  • They also offer industrial recycling services.
  • Car parts are purchased at certain prices.
  • They are also involved in scrapping vehicles for recycling purposes and more.

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Items that are recyclable and not recyclable at metro recycling

Metro Recycling Services Complete Guide

Some items are recyclable and not recyclable at the firm. However, here I will share with you the items that are acceptable to the firm, including:

  • Wire
  • Stainless steel 
  • Electric motors
  • Scrap steels
  • Papers
  • Cardboard
  • Aluminum cans
  • Coppers
  • Brass
  • PUC sliding
  • Radiators 

Other products include:

  • Iron 
  • Engines (making sure all oil or lubricant is removed from them).

Guide to Metro Recycling Services 

When it comes to recycling, there are several ways involved, and here, I will share with you the process and procedures involved in recycling your items at metro recycling firms.

These are the procedures or methods involved.

1. Gathering and sorting

Firstly, you have to collect all the items you want to recycle at the firm, and then sort them out by type. This entails keeping lightweight items such as cans separate from other bigger items.

The recycling firm also makes sure that all customers are treated fairly.

When collecting items from different locations, always make sure you are given ownership of such items. This is because, at metro recycling, items without ownership are not accepted. 

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2. Deliver your items to the company

If you are a vehicle owner, and you’re using your vehicle to transport the items to the firm, your vehicle license number will be needed, and other requirements are listed above.

Your vehicle number will be what you are going to be identified with. Through this process, your items will be unloaded, but before that, your vehicle weight will be taken to know how much your items weigh so you can be paid off properly.

An employee at the firm will attend to you during the unloading process. After the process, you will therefore be processed to where your empty vehicle weight will be taken again.

But if you have a little weight and you are not able to come with a vehicle, there is a place at the firm called the buyback building. At this place, your little items will be weighed and all the required documents, which are listed above, will be needed to ensure you get paid.

So this is all you need to know when it comes to recycling your items with Metro Recycling. As a result, I hoped that these articles would answer the majority of your questions about the recycling company.

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