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Waste Recycling

Metal Recycling Process Complete Guide

Metal recycling is the process of taking waste metal, processing it, and then create a new metal material from the metal wastes. There is so much importance in recycling metal wastes along with its environmental benefits, energy-saving, and others.

Now metal recycling involves the process of collecting metal wastes, processing them, and then having them melted in furnaces at high temperatures to produce blocks or sheets to be sold to manufacturers and producers of metal products.

There is also a great need for scrap metals to be recycled because instead of drilling deep and recouping new base metals, the recycling industry can make use of existing metals.

Recycling existing metals help to keep them out of landfills as many of these metal items take a long time to biodegrade.

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Why Use Recycled Metals?

According to research, metals can be described as very useful and valuable materials that can be recycled over and over again without degrading their properties.

Scrap metal recycling or lets say the scrap metal recycling near me also has a value that motivates and encourages people to collect it for sale to recycling operations or operators and there is also an environmental imperative.

The recycling of metals eBay is to preserve natural resources which require lads energy to process than the manufacture of new products using virgin raw material items.

It helps to save money and allow manufacturing businesses to reduce their production cost as well as create job opportunities.

The American iron and steel institute has revealed that steel is described as the most recycled material in the world while other next highly recycled metals include; copper, silver, aluminum, gold, and brass.

Types of Recyclable Metals

Metal materials can generally be grouped into two or classified into non-ferrous and ferrous.

The non-ferrous metals include; aluminum, copper, zinc, and tin. Precious metals are no -ferrous. The most common and available precious metals include; gold, platinum, silver, iridium, and palladium.

Then ferrous metals are combinations of iron with carbon. The ferrous metals include; alloy steel, carbon steel, cast iron, and wrought iron.

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Metals Recycling Processes – Complete Guide

Metal Recycling Process Complete Guide

Below is the complete process of scrap metal recycling according to some scrap metal recycling yards near me and some other metal recycling centers:

1. Collection

This is the beginning or starting point for all metal recycling processes.

At this stage, the recyclable metal wastes are gathered/collected for the metal recycling process.

This process involves higher scrap value and as such should be more likely to be sold to scrap yards than being sent to landfills.

2. Sorting

This stage involves the process involves separating the collected metals from the mixed scrap metal stream or the multi-mixed-material waste stream.

3. Processing

To allow further processing, metals are usually cut or turn into shreds.

The shredding process is often done to promote the melting process as cut or shredded metals have a very wide surface-to-volume ratio.

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4. Melting

Scrap metals are usually melted in a large and wide furnace and each of the metals is taken to a specific furnace designed to meet that particular metal.

A well considerable and known amount of energy is used in this step.

5. Purification

This process is done to ensure the final product is of very high quality and free of contaminants.

The most popular method used for the purification process is called electrolysis.

6. Solidifying

Solidifying is normally done after the purification stage.

At this stage, the melted metals are carried by the conveyor’s belt to allow them cool and solidify the metals.

7. Transportation of the metal bars

Immediately the metals are cooled and solidified, they are then ready for use.

They are transported to various factories and industries where they are used as raw materials for the production of brand new products.

However, high-quality copper is one of the highest-paying scrap metals nowadays. It is very common to find the scrap of it and is highly sought-after metal.

In the US, the largest source of scrap ferrous metal comes from scrap vehicles and their parts.

There are so many reasons why you should sell your unwanted scrap metals, not only to be compensated by getting paid money for scrap metal but you can as well be rest assured that you are doing your little for the environment.

The metal recycling prices differs due to certain factors like your location, quality of the scrap metal you wish to buy/sell, the quantity of the scrap metal, and many other factors.

However, the scrap metal we buy is recycled and repurposed wherever possible, helping to keep most of these materials out of the landfill and reducing the need for raw resources during manufacturing.

Another good reason why we sell scrap is to free up space on your property such as the ease with old unwanted cars, e.t c.

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Some Metal Recycling Centers near me / Companies

Below are some of the metal recycling centers or companies you can check out for your metal recycling process.

Victoria Metal Traders

Victoria metal traders is a metal recycling company and they are described as the leading scrap metal recycling company based in Victoria and Australia.

They are buyers of all grades and quantities of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. They buy metal from all areas around Victoria and export globally.

Therefore at the metal recycling Victoria, recycling your scrap metal can be very fun, rewarding, and good for the environment.

It’s also a great way to clear your yard, surroundings and free up space on your property.

Northern Metal Recycling

Northern metal recycling is a company that also provides recycling services, the company recycles non-ferrous scrap metals and ferrous.

Northern metal recycling was found six months ago according to some researchers and owned by Jordan Bell, who was in an attempt to create a one-step stop shop for businesses across the northeast.

Alter Metal Recycling

Alter metal recycling operates as a scrap metal process and recycling company.

It offers consultation services such a duality control l, product mix l, specification requirements, receiving, and inspection services.

Its metal recycling usually operates in the United States (US).

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