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Waste Management

Best Mattress Waste (Old Mattress) Management Method

In this article, we will be looking at the best method how to manage our waste mattresses (old mattresses). Waste management helps us to conveniently and easily dispose of appliances, mattresses e.t.c when we plan or make available a bulky item pickup.

Sometimes when you want to get rid of your old mattress or waste it may be so frustrating to make a plan or even make you feel lazy and discouraged.

At first, you will be like? What to do with old mattress (how to get rid of old mattress)? Can I get it out with the trashes? Can it be recycled? Or how to even put it out.

But you can check to know if waste management can pick up your mattress.

It is very necessary you call and schedule because most waste management companies may not pick up the mattress that is kept in the waste with the rest of your trash items.

It is heavy or bulky items that will require more than one individual to lift into the truck which may likely require more manpower and space so most of these companies will not pick up a large number of wastes for free but for some specific fees, instead of just littering the environment with your waste mattress or just leaving your old mattress in your home or business where they will occupy space, you can make a schedule for waste management pickup, where they will come and pick up those items to where they can be easily recycled.

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It is now known and clear that many waste management agents or authorities will require your mattresses to be well covered following disposal for sanitation reasons.

Best Mattress Waste (Old Mattress) Management Method

You should get a mattress disposal bag at your local home or business.

Those old mattresses can be broken down into mattress disposal bags.

The parts that can be recycled or reused can be kept or put in a separate bag which can later be scheduled for pickup or call recyclers near you for easy pickup.

After separating those recyclable parts the remaining parts which are the wastes can now be properly disposed of.

And if you are unable to reach a recycling facility, and if you have searched there is no waste management pickup option, you can take your waste mattress to landfills or dumps.

Note: Never illegally dump your old mattress; never illegally dump your old mattress on the roadside or street or even a dumpster, it is not only bad for our health or our hygiene but it is also illegal which might lead to a penalty when caught.

Also, mattresses that are illegally dumped may be a very good breeding ground for pests.

So it is better and safer if you always put a call through the waste management for a pickup to avoid harassment.

It is also not advisable to tie an old mattress on the top of your car.

To tie an old mattress to the roof of your vehicle can be more complicated and even risky than you can imagine, don’t even try to attempt to secure the mattress by pulling the rope through the open windows or closed door of the car if you don’t have a roof rack.

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These can cause damage to your vehicle because they can easily break your door seals and window frames.

An old mattress that is not properly tied can be dislodged at high speed which can cause crashes that may lead to serious injuries or even fatalities on the highway.

Best Mattress Waste (Old Mattress) Management Method

Also, note that you cannot easily leave your old mattress out to be picked up with your trashes, you will have to call waste management A-day or Two-days (24 to 48 hours) in advance to schedule the bulk item pickup which will be on the same day with your waste recycling pickup.

The following are the guidelines on scheduling a bulky mattress item for pickup:

1. Contact the old mattress factory at most 24 to 48 hours in advance.

2. Give a proper explanation or description to the waste management agents on the type of items that are needed to be picked up or collected (mattress) so that the collection or pickup will be properly routed.

3. Place your waste curbside oppose or adjacent to your trash before 6 am on your regular collection day.

Since it has been described as a waste mattress or old mattress collection, it may be that it is a waste management truck that will come for the pickup and may not be the usual vehicle.

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