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Environmental Management

Management of Urban Environmental Degradation

Urban areas are facing enormous challenges in the area of environmental degradation. There is need to put in place ways of managing these environmental problems. In this article, you will learn several ways of managing environmental degradation affecting urban areas.

Management of Urban Environmental Degradation

The greatest challenges that confronts urban areas and government today, and the generations to come, is the sustained development and intelligent management of the environmental degradation.

In essence, societies most be able to supply sufficient food, raw materials and energy to all nations without compromising future generations and without leaving a wasteland of environmental degradation.

Environmental management involves the management of all components of the physical environment (comprising of both Living and nonliving things).

Adjustments to hazards take several forms, several tools standards, systems and methods which have been deviced for analyzing, assessing forecasting and predicting the nature, mode, rate and extent of natural and man induced urban environmental problems in the world.

In order to curb better with natural hazards, it is necessary to understand the causes and effects of such hazards. Good Land planning, hazard proof constructions, insurance, evacuation programs and disaster preparedness are among the most common approaches used.

Management of Urban Environmental Degradation

For atmospheric pollution (air pollution), the level of emission of gases should be reduced, policies and Legislation (Laws) should evolved, the polluter pay principle should be adopted.

In case of ozone depletion, the gases causing it most especially chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) and halons usage should be discouraged or stopped completely. Also, the use of alternative and renewal energy sources (Solar, wind, biogas etc.) and/or energy saving technologies.

Water pollution can be subjected to physical, chemical and biological treatment. Land degredation measure involves afforestation, land management, nutrient and erosion management, environmental education/ awareness, poverty eradication and so on.

Poverty should be eradicated; it is among the major causes of accelerated depletion of the earth’s resources. In case of deforestation, it measures includes creation of reserve, green areas, use of ornamental plants and floriculture. For loss of biodiversity, there is need for establishment of zoos and environmental conservation.

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Also, lack of man power and funding is a major factor in the enforcement of legal instruments such as Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) before embarking into a major project that affects the environment. Also, urban planning can serve as a preventive measure to some of the environmental problems.

In conclusion,management of urban environmental degradation are important to prevent the urban areas from deteriorating and misuse by man’s activities.

Urban development is taken place in various ramification that often have effects on the environment. Therefore, managers and planners need to plan and enforce several methods of managing the urban environments foe sustainable uses.


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