Land Environment and Biological Environment (Biosphere) Structure of the Environment

Land Environment

Land environment comprises of geospheric components like rocks, soils, and other associated constituents.

The importance of land resource lies in the fact that it is the source of all our vital requirements [such as building materials, minerals (rocks), fuels, soil, wilderness areas etc.] that are needed for living.

Biological Environment (Biosphere)

This consists of all aspects of living systems – microorganisms, macro plants, and macro animals. It should be noted that humans are a part of the biological environment and that there is a great diversity and uniqueness of life forms inhabiting the biosphere.

The biological environment is the global ecological system integrating all living beings and their interactions among each other and between living things (especially humans) and the other components of the natural environment.

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But for the presence and interactive nature of living systems, the energy and material world would come to a grinding halt and our planet would lose its unique position among celestial bodies.

Land Environment and Biological Environment (Biosphere) Structure of the Environment

There are two ways in which the biological environment is linked to other components of the natural environment. The first is the dependence of the entire biosphere on itself and other natural environment components.

The second is the impact link of the biological environment (the human activity sub-component) to itself and other components of the natural environment.

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