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Waste Management

Key Concepts in Municipal Waste Reduction

Waste minimisation involves all processes and techniques applied to preclude as much as possible or reduce to the barest minimum the occurrence of waste and wasteful situations in the production, distribution and use of any product and services.

Waste minimisation strategies are applied at different levels especially in the industries during product design and production and continue up to the consumer level.

At the consumer/household level, discrimination as to what to buy and in what quantity, product quality, re-use or recycling etc. are some of the major considerations to be taken to minimise waste.

Action for waste reduction can take place at both the national and local levels.

At the National Level;

Some strategies for waste reduction include:

Redesign of products or packaging

Promotion of consumer awareness and

Promotion of producer responsibility for post-consumer wastes.

Key Concepts in Municipal Waste Reduction

At the Local level;

The main means of reducing waste are:

Diversion of materials from the waste stream through source separation and trading

Recovery of materials from mixed waste

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Pressure on national or regional governments for legislation on redesigning packaging or products and

Support of home composting, either centralized or small-scale.


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