Industrial Waste and their Impact on the Environment

Waste that is produced by activities of industry is referred to as industrial waste. The industrial activities include the production process, the use and the disposal of the products. Industrial waste is produced at every stage of the industrial activities.

Sources of industrial waste

Some of the source of industrial waste are building and road construction, lumber and paper mills, textile mills, chemical and drugs industries, petroleum industries, transport industries, agriculture, nuclear industry, iron and steel industry, water treatment, mines, quarries, food and beverage industries, metallurgy and appliances, etc

Common Industrial Wastes

Some of the industrial wastes include: inorganic salts, acids, alkalis, detergents, suspended particulate organic compounds, dissolved organic, surfactants, slurries of rock particles, ammonia, cyanide, hydraulic oils and grease, paints, dyes, plastics, pesticide residues, effluents from vegetables, fruits and meat products.

Other industrial wastes include metals such as zinc, arsenic, lead and mercury.

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Industrial Waste and their Impact on the Environment

Impact of Industrial Waste on the Environment

Some of the industrial wastes are toxic and hazardous. The main impact of industrial wastes on the environment is pollution.

  • Pollution of the environment, that is: Water pollution

Air pollution Soil pollution

  • Health Hazards / Risks

In conclusion, wastes are usually produced at every stage of an industrial activity. These industrial wastes lead to the pollution of the environment resulting to health hazards/risks.

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