Impact of Industrial Wastes on Human and Environment

Most factories and power plants are located near water bodies because they need large amounts of water as input for manufacturing process. Most of these factories do not yet have the resources or technology to dispose of waste with lesser effects on the environment.

Both untreated and partially treated wastewaters are commonly discharged into a near lying water body. Metals, chemicals and sewage released into water bodies directly affect marine ecosystems and the health of those who depend on the waters as food or drinking water sources.

Toxins from the wastewater can kill off marine life or cause varying degrees of illness to those who consume these marine animals, depending on the contaminant. Wastewater containing nitrates and phosphates often causes eutrophication, which can kill off existing life in the water.

Another obvious effect of industrial waste is air pollution resulting from fossil fuel burning. This affects the lives of many people because this spreads illnesses. Over time, this issue that has been widespread.

Several environmental issues have a devastating effect on third world countries because they don’t have sufficient resources to solve this particular issues. This also affects the quality of soil because farmers have to try and deal with this massive issue (Aivalioti 2014).

In addition, nitrogen dioxide is a common air pollutant found in the air. Air pollutants have a devastating effect on the human population because it causes sicknesses. Ammonia also causes a lot of respiratory problems that can be contracted from the air. “Illnesses that can occur from air pollution range from irritation to eyes, skin, nose, or throat.

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There is also a chance to get Pneumonia or Bronchitis both being very dangerous. Commonly, people have reported to have gotten headaches, nausea and dizziness from air pollution (Richie and Roser, 2019). WHO stated that air pollution is the worst risk in terms of human health.

On the other hand, one of the most devastating effects of industrial waste is water pollution. Farmers rely on this water but if the water is polluted, then crops that are produced can become polluted. This affects not only the society and humans but also animals.

Water pollution can have devastating effects on the human body majorly from infection of bacteria, parasites and chemicals. Diseases that humans can be exposed from drinking unsafe water range from cholera, typhoid or Giardia.

In summary, industrial wastes come from various types and forms of industries but mostly are hazardous in nature. The industrial waste generated can cause both air and water pollution, which do not only have devastating effect on humans but also to animals, fish, and birds.

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Impact of Industrial Wastes on Human and Environment

Polluted water is unsuitable for drinking, recreation, agriculture, and industry. It diminishes the aesthetic quality of lakes and rivers. More seriously, contaminated water destroys aquatic life and reduces its reproductive ability. Eventually, it is a hazard to human health.

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