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How to Properly Dispose Glass Wastes

Improper disposal of glass wastes has caused sparsely populated broken glass to spear through the feet of many, injuring most people’s hands and sending some to hospitals. 

That is why it’s advisable to properly dispose of your glass waste.

If you have tons of glass wastes you want to dispose of but don’t know how to, this article is for you.

In this article, you will learn in a variety of ways how you can properly dispose of your glass waste with all the safety measures.

Safety Measures while disposing of glass wastes

This is the first thing you should think of when disposing of your glass waste. Glasses are dangerous to the skin. Any little mistake would cause a lot of damage. 

That’s why it’s advisable to adopt all safety measures when disposing of this waste. What will be needed includes: camp boots; tick hand gloves; and eyeglasses.

Camp boots would help in preventing all the tiny glasses that are sparsely populated on the ground from spearing through your legs. 

When selecting a camp boot, choose the best one that will prevent anything from passing through it.

Tick hand gloves are there to prevent any glass, broken or not, from injuring your hands. Without the hand gloves, your hands might be at risk with the glasses. 

While eyeglasses are there to keep tiny broken glasses from entering your eyes.

These measures are put in place to prevent you and others from getting hurt while trying to dispose of your glass waste.

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Wrap Them Up

How to Properly Dispose Glass Wastes

The next step involved in the glass waste disposal process is to wrap them up. 

Wrapping up your glass waste would help others who would also be involved in the process from getting hurt. 

It can also serve as a means of preventing the glasses from being scattered.

Wrapping up the glass waste can be done in a variety of ways depending on the materials available to be used. 

To wrap up your glass waste, you will need adhesive tape, newspaper, or paper yards. However, only the tape can be useful if you can’t find newspapers or paper yards.

If you have no newspapers, you can wrap your glasses all over with the adhesive tape from all the sharp edges. 

But if you have access to a newspaper or paper yard, it can be done by wrapping the glasses first with the papers, then using the tape to hold them up.

Additionally, in a case where the glass waste is too tiny to be wrapped up, it can be done by packing the small glasses into containers with a sticker on them, for others at the other end to notice that there are glasses in the can and safety measures should be put in place.

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Methods for Proper Glass Waste Disposal

When it comes to the proper disposal of glass waste, there are various ways involved, which include:

  • Recycling. 
  • Selling or donating to local glass scrap buyers.

1) Recycling

Recycling glass waste has been one of the best ways to properly dispose of glass waste. 

Glasses are materials that are not compostable by nature, but they can be remade into a new product. 

Therefore, disposing of glass waste into landfills might cause a lot of damage to the environment. 

Furthermore, recycling these wastes helps to reduce the amount of energy used to create a new glass while also generating income.

It can also help to protect the environment from the contaminants that can be gotten from glasses.

2) Selling or Donating to Local Glass Scrap Buyers

Local grass scrap buyers are everywhere, and they can also serve as a means of preventing glass waste from going into the landfill. 

These local buyers buy the glass waste and use it for something else, or they recycle it.

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