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How to Make Money from Styrofoam Recycling

Do you know how to make money from Styrofoam recycling? Do you know that Styrofoam waste accounts for 30% of all waste disposed of in landfills? Do you know that they can also serve as a means of generating income if disposed of properly?

Styrofoam is known as light plastic and is generally known for being used for insulation and packaging of new products. 

However, after being done with them, we don’t know what to do with them anymore, and sometimes we improperly dispose of them.

But, when it comes to the idea of making money from Styrofoam, there are a variety of ways involved. And this article will discuss the various methods through which you can make money through Styrofoam recycling.

There are a few ways to make money from recycling Styrofoam.

Among the options are selling your Styrofoam waste to recyclers or dealers; selling it to companies to make new products such as coffee cups, and selling it to companies to use as insulation in new products.

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1. Sell them to Styrofoam Recyclers or Dealers

One of the most common ways you can make money from Styrofoam waste is by selling it to Styrofoam recyclers or dealers (Styrofoam recycling near me/you). 

The dealers or recyclers pay a certain amount per quality or quantity of Styrofoam donated to them.

These dealers have their fixed prices, which you can therefore find out before transferring the Styrofoam to them. For instance, most dealers or recyclers have a fixed amount of $0.5 per pound for Styrofoam.

Additionally, when it comes to selling your Styrofoam waste to these dealers or recyclers, there are various factors involved. 

Among these factors is making sure the Styrofoam is free from contaminants and debris. This is because if they aren’t free from them, it will disrupt the recycling process or anything else they are trying to use the waste for. 

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How to Make Money from Styrofoam Recycling
Styrofoam Recycling

2. Turning Them Into A New Product

While selling your Styrofoam waste to a Styrofoam dealer or recycler is the quickest way to make money from it, recycling it into a new product is also a great way to make money from it.

It can also be regarded as a means of recycling them. And for you to recycle them into new products, they include different ways to do it. 

For instance, collecting all Styrofoam waste from different locations, sorting them out by their types and colors, cleaning them up (they should be free from debris and contaminants), shredding them into smaller pieces, and lastly, melting them into a new product.

However, turning your Styrofoam into new products isn’t just how money can be made. 

There are also some factors involved, which include marketing them, which means creating awareness about your new product to the public for patronization. 

When the new products are being patronized, money can also be made through them.

Additionally, if there’s any other method to make money from Styrofoam recycling, it should include selling them to manufacturing companies for insulation of their products. 

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