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How to Make Money from Metal Recycling Products

Scrap metal recycling trading is a great way to make some extra money as well as protect the environment. Although this business idea is not popular among individuals, it is absolutely a profitable business you can try out.

Sometimes people just throw it away because they don’t know the value of it that is why you can easily find scrap metal all over the place.

You can create some awareness to let your neighborhood know that you can assist them take their scrap metal recycling materials off their hands by either going from door to doors to pass out flyers.

You can also go into buildings and demolition sites to gather their accumulated metal waste materials.

The best way to successfully collect scrap metal recycling materials from people is to find a reoccurring source of scrap.

The following are very important tips to guide you on how to collect and separate your scrap metal recycling materials to ensure you get the best value from your scrap metals.

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1. Put each type of metal recycling materials in its container

It is not good for your all metal recycling materials to be all mixed up when you show up at the scrap metal recycling yards near me/you.

Your scrap metal materials need to be properly sorted else you will most likely get paid only for the value of the least valuable metal in your box or you will be told to separate them and come back which might not be too favorable to you.

Just like when you have brass and aluminum mixed in one box, you may only get paid for the aluminum metal recycling prices, which would not be too nice because brass actually pays better than aluminum per pound.

Therefore you should ensure that you carefully sort out your scrap metal items before taking them to any scrap metal recycling center near you for sale.

2. Clean your scrap metals

Cleaning your scrap metal items doesn’t necessarily mean that you must wash them with water and soap, it only means that there no extra attachments should be found on the scrap metals you are bringing in for cash.

3. Keep your scrap safe

Scrap metal materials can sometimes be stolen from businesses, construction sites, and homes, therefore, always learn to keep all your collections in a safe place.

How to Make Money from Metal Recycling & Metal Recycled Products

There are two (2) major types of metals: ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Ferrous metals and alloys contain iron (Fe) and non-ferrous metals do not contain iron.

Which is exactly the main reason why a magnet is your most useful tool in separating and collecting metals, if it does not stick that means it is non-ferrous.

Non-ferrous metals often pay more money (pounds) than ferrous metals do. So if your magnet does not stick, that means you can not earn enough money.

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The following are the examples of the common non-ferrous metals:

1. Aluminum

Used for building structures, window frames, roofs, airplanes, trains, boats, cars, and trucks.

Aluminum is also used in smaller vehicles like motorbikes, bicycles, wheelchairs, etc.

2. Brass

Usually scraped valves and pipe fittings, some other items made from brass are bulletproof casings, doorknobs, and light fixtures.

3. Copper

Used to make wires, circuits, switches, and electromagnets.

Other examples include plumbing fittings and also pieces found in refrigeration units (preserve unit), air conditioners, and water supply systems.

4. Lead

Lead is normally used in many different applications from piping to wheal weight.

It is usually soft but it is deceptively heavy.

5. Stainless steel

Though it is containing 70% iron, it is still considered a non-ferrous metal and fetches a higher price because it is made using a minimum of 8% nickel.

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While there are a large variety of ferrous metals (mostly steel and iron), the most important to know is of the following two categories.

1. New scrap

Ordinarily, you may not likely have access to this type of metal as they are usually found in the production lines of manufacturing warehouses.

2. Old scrap

Old kinds of stuff, anything that is old and made of steel, both new and old scrap will draw the pull of a magnet.


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