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How to Make Money from Electronics Recycling (E-waste Recycling)

When it comes to electronics recycling (E-waste recycling), you can make great money by recycling your electronic wastes although recycling your old electronics may be a money-making idea you have never heard of before.

In this article, we will be explaining what electronic wastes are and how you can make money from electronic waste recycling.

Electronic wastes are unwanted or damaged electronic products, not working and nearing or at the end of their useful life. For example your old television sets, computers, radios, e t c.

However, we all know that many electronic devices can not be thrown out in the usual or regular trash, as they can be polluting or be poisonous substances that can harm or contaminate the environment.

Therefore you have to go through the trouble of finding an electronics recycling center that will take your electronic waste off your hands even without pay from them sometimes.

How many old electronic devices do you have around the house that is just taking up space? What do you intend to do about them?

Mostly everybody has old computers, monitors, cell phones, digital cameras, phones, and other electronics just sitting around the house taking up space.

To make money from old electronics, you can start by asking around for damaged or old electronic devices that are no longer in use.

You need to know that most people nowadays now tap into this money-making venture, to balance their daily needs.

You can start recycling electronic products today as a business and you don’t even need any capital to start small.

You can start by gathering electronic scraps or you can simply go to any electronic repair shop nearby and get scrap electronics.

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For you to start up this kind of business without capital, as said earlier you can just go around and gather electronic scraps, and sell them to companies who specialize in recycling electronic products, from there you can save up enough money to set up your electronic products recycling venture.

After that, you can now settle down and target businesses, schools, and other organizations that might have dozens of old unused or unwanted devices just kept in the stores.

Gather them all and load a truck with the number of unused or unwanted devices you could get access to without having to pay anything.

Most of them will even be happy just to get the junks out of their houses or stores more like you assisting them to throw away their electronic wastes and save them the stress of them doing so themselves.

So many people don’t even know that almost every part of a computer or other electronic device has monetary value.

List of some Valuable Electronics Recycling Materials

How to Make Money from Electronics Recycling (E-waste Recycling)

These are some of the items you can get money from when sold:

(1) Glass from old TVs and computer monitor

(2) Computer motherboard

(3) Hard drives

(4) Computer chips

(5) Memory

(6) Metal from computer tower and TV

(7) Gold connector pins

(8) Copper wiving

(9) Silver

(10) Platinum

(11) Batteries, etc.

Some of these parts like circuit board computer chips and computer cases can be sold on sites such as EBag, Craigslist, Amazon, e.t.c.

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As for plastics recycling materials and scrap metal recycling, you can take those to your local recycling center, the closest recycling near me/you or search for the best buy electronics recycling centers and get paid by the pound.

Some electronic parts have valuable and useful metals like e.g gold, silver, platinum e.t.c that you can remove and send to a refiner for processing.

Many electronic parts are manufactured with solid gold-plated connector pins that can be separated from the part and sent to a precious metals refiner.

There are several ways you can get access to old electronics for recycling some are even easier and more profitable than others.

For instance, when you begin to advertise that you will dispose any kind of electronic waste for free, many people will be happy to let you come and get that junk out of their lives for good, therefore, doing the job for free is also a very good way to entice people to act.

You can also charge a fee to dispose of electronic junk away although it doesn’t have to be expensive so that people can call on you when they have electronic waste materials to dispose.

This might probably work better if you market your electronic recycling service to businesses.

Businesses would even be more likely to have a very large number of electronic devices that they would need to get rid of and they will even be more willing to pay someone to get it out of their sight.

Now come to think of holding an electronic recycling drive, you can notify your local church or school that you will like to hold an electronic scrap drive.

Try to explain to them that this will keep harmful contaminants out of the environment and that all devices will be recycled.

You can even offer to give the organization a percentage of the profits you get from recycling.

Also, you can put an even up on Craigslist and alert your local pap or Tv station and radio station about the drive to get more people to bring their old electronics in for recycling.

Once you start making money from recycling electronics as a side hustle, you might like it so much and even decide to ramp up the business and go full-time.

The cool and good thing about this business is that if you do it right, you are not only helping people to make their homes and businesses neat, you are also helping the environment while making your money by the side.

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Therefore, I will encourage you to give this business idea a try today and share your experience with us. You can start with a training with any electronic recycling event near me/you (e-waste recycling near me) to acquire more information.

Also, if you are already into the business, please kindly use the comment section below to share your experiences in the business so far with others so they can learn from you and be motivated too.


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