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How To Dispose Old Plastic Bags Properly

What is an old plastic bag? Plastic bags are used by people everywhere, and they’re very hard to come by. Most of them get thrown away regularly due to their weight. But what happens when you buy one that’s not yet worn out?

Do it yourself or go to the nearest plastic bag recycling near me/you, which will give you an all-inclusive plastic bag disposal kit (you can also reuse theirs). 

The following article may help know how to dispose of your old bags properly.

Read on to know the best ways to dispose of this garbage with minimal effort;

1. Cleanse the old plastic bag

The first thing you need to do on a clean plastic bag is to make sure that it has been cleaned well.

It should not have any marks or spots that might be due to improper cleaning.

Also, if some dirt happens to build on the bag, then use gloves to remove those spots.

Some bags can also be cleaned using bleach.

2. Take into consideration recycling

Another way of disposing of these bags is through incineration.

If there is no other alternative, then it’s better to invest in buying a cheap plastic bag from a local landfill or buy a reusable bag that will help reduce the amount of garbage produced.

Just find out if your city does allow you to use disposable bags such as TPE-free ones.

If so, you can take care of these bags in another manner.

Even though you will save a lot of money, making sure that they’re safe to use will surely benefit both parties in the future.

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3. Use Recycled Bag

How To Dispose Old Plastic Bags Properly

One of the biggest benefits of going for recycled bags is that it offers you better quality than the ones made with synthetic substances.

Because they came in large quantities, they are durable and won’t break down more quickly.

They are also lightweight. And there is an option to use less energy and water to dispose of one of your old bags.

Another bonus is that bags made from natural materials are 100% recyclable.

So, that’s why this is one of the preferred choices among many users.

4. Remove the top

If you want to know how to dispose of old plastic bags using simple tools, then just pull the top off them.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t seem easy since you may have to cut the bag in several places.

In addition, you should always keep the top covered and sealed because otherwise, they might not fit the new bags.

For that, just make sure they are completely clean and dry.

Another bonus to using these bags is that they look great in display stores.

Therefore, you don’t have to purchase anything to display them.

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5. Wash it

Now you might think that after all these tips you just need to wash your bags.

However, with the right kind of wash, they will turn green, thus turning your trash into something valuable!

6. Don’t throw them in the trash

There’s still a chance to dispose of them properly if you are planning to dispose of old plastic bags.

Instead, why don’t you simply burn them at home and make a nice smoke?

That way, you won’t have to worry about it.

A simple ashtray is enough to help you burn them easily.

Moreover, there’s something called burning paper towels that’s effective too.

You’ll see how much you can save if you use such a method.

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