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How to Make Money from Recycling Old Tire Wastes

It is very easy to turn the things that are old into things for cash including old tires. You can recycle your cell phones, laptops, computers, radios, and television sets for cash, same applicable to worn out or old tires, you can also make money from your vehicle tires even if they are used and worn out.

There are some companies or personnel who buy scrap tires. You can also make the selling of used tires a business that can be profitable to you. It is very good you make side money on stuff that you don’t need anymore instead of just throwing them away or taking your old tires to landfills, you can find something new to do with them or sell them off for profit or cash.

Getting rid of old tires for cash is another good reason for recycling tires because discarding old tires is bad for the environment. The materials that are used to make tires are not biodegradable because tires that are thrown into the landfills will just sit in the landfill and never break down. They will just occupy space. They just take up necessary space that could hold up a lot of waste.

The tires should be recycled rather than just making them occupy space and cause an environmental hazard in the landfill. You can make cash from recycling old tires. Therefore in this article, we will look at how to get paid with used tires. The most important thing is for you to know that your old tires can be recycled for cash, so you don’t just throw them away.

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Therefore, whether you want to start a tire recycling business or even upcycle worn-out tires into new stuff, it will be interesting for you to know that you can even earn more cash without taking up another job. Taking care of old tires in a good way and keeping them out of landfills can get you some ash in your pockets.

How to Make Money from Recycling Old Tire Wastes
Old tire wastes

The following are some places where you can look out for, and sell your old tires: Google, Auto repair or tire shops, Your Facebook groups, the craigslist,, Market Place, among many other places.

Just like the craigslist is a good place you can list your old tires for some amount. It is an advertising website where you can list or advertise your stuff for sale.

At times you might not find anybody willing to pay you a good price for them even if the tires are not old because the craigslist is a place that is often used as a place to find free and cheap stuff easily and quickly without stress.

When you want to take your old tires to the craigslist, be very sure you have clear pictures of the tires so that people can get a sense of them before buying them from you. Instead of inviting the buyers to your house, you can meet in a public location where people are around.

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You can use Google to check for recycling centers around you that may likely accept your tires from you for cash. Because it is not all recycling centers that will pay you for the items that you bring to them.

Many recycling centers do not pay because they only offer recycling services instead of disposing of those items.

If your tires are in a good condition even if they are old, then there is every tendency that local auto repair or tire shops will want and be glad to take them off your hand for cash.

The auto repair or tire shops will like to take them out of your hand because not everybody that has a flat tire that will want to spend money on new ones, so they will just find a replacement. They will want a cheaper fix by purchasing matching old tires in good condition that the tire shop has in hand.

The auto repair or tire shops are a good place to take your tire for sale because they offer services for people who cannot afford a new tire but they still need a replacement. Some people might be wondering where to locate these auto repair or tire shops.

To make it easier you can use your Google to find auto repair or tire shops in your area or around you, then you can call them to know if they are interested in the tires you have at hand.

You can also turn old tires into something new that is not just a tire for cars. Just like turning old tires into shoes, shoe soles, and water fetchers.

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Most people love to buy unique stuff that is hand-made which you cannot easily find anywhere else. You can stack tires together, and paint them to make good and cute snowmen decorations. You can make playground equipment using tires which can be sold to schools or daycares for cash.

In conclusion, you can start making money from old tires by starting your own tire hauling, recycling, or selling business. You can make this tire business a part-time or full time income depending on your other job or how much you want to scale it.

You will need a pickup truck or vehicles that you can use to pick up any size of tires and many tires at once. Then you can go around homes, business centers, and tire shops or repair shops to pick up tires that people don’t longer use or need anymore.

You can even charge them for helping them do away with their worn out and old tires which many people will love to pay just for you to take them off their hands.

It is very good you turn those old tires into new stuff just by being creative and thinking of a new way to do it. A better solution to those abandoned and worn-out tires are to have them properly recycled.

Many states now require that tire dealers are to be charged an environmental fee that is used to cover the cost of proper recycling waste tires. The fees are then paid to tire recycling operations so that they can begin the process of giving new shapes to old tires.

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