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How to Generate Recycled Income from Old Cell Phones (Used Phones)

Cell phones are one of our most valuable assets, but when it’s become old and no longer useful to us which is that time we often tag them as old cell phones, most of us tend to throw them away without any second thoughts and buy new ones. 

Though, new phones are expensive. But what if you could earn money from old phones that you no longer use? Most people are doing that.

If you are thinking of buying a new phone, consider using a refurbished model. It is likely to be cheaper, and it is a great way to generate income while doing something good for the environment. 

You can also choose to look out for where to recycle old cell phones if you are interested in recycling instead of looking for how to destroy old cell phones.

Now this brings us to discuss what to do with your old cell phones to generate income through them even when they seem like that they are no longer useful to you.

What to do with Old Cell Phones (Used Phones)

How to Generate Recycled Income from Old Cell Phones (Used Phones)
Old Cell Phones (Used Phones)

Here is how to make money from your old or used phones (old cell phones);

1. Refurbishing your Old cell phones

Refurbishing is a way you can transform your old or used phone to the way it was at first. Most used or old phones need some repairs or are not useful to the owners anymore, that’s why they are all abandoned into the landfill or anywhere accessible.

However, when it comes to refurbishing new phones, this is what I’ve mostly used when it comes to the fact that I’m no longer in use of my phone or I’m planning to dispose of it and get a new phone.

What I always do is to carry the phones to a phone repairer or the company which manufactures the phone, let them help me work on it, and transform it into something manageable if not new. 

However, in some cases, I do this to my advantage of reusing the phone and if I’m no longer in need of it, I delete all my data from it and sell it out to phone vendors or my friends.

Refurbishing your phones, it’s also a great way to keep up with it the way it has always been from the start. And if you are planning to make money off of it, you can sell it out.

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2. Sell it out the old cell phones to thrift stores

I don’t know if thrift stores accept used or old phones at their stores, but if they do, it will also be a great way of generating income rather than disposing of them at landfills or abandoning them at your house.

As much as it’s important to recycle your old phones, always remember that your data is also important. 

Most people tend to make the mistake of leaving off their data without deleting them and selling them off to thrift stores or refurbishing them.

Before you think of selling any of your assets such as a phone that saves data, always factory reset it.

At thrift stores, their price might not be good enough for you to sell to them, though, there are more places you can sell your phones online at a reasonable price.

One person must surely need it online.

3. Sell the old cell phone parts

Phone parts such as batteries, screens, and so on are in demand if it’s a trending phone. However, not everyone likes this method, because it’s either a lose or win the game and the stakes are low even if you win.

People who are involved in selling phone parts are mostly phone repairs. When they buy used or old phones from others, they mostly interchange the parts when the other is at fault.

For instance, I got an old phone that I no longer use with a good battery. I can go as far as selling the battery for those in need and return make money.

However, if you are an individual trying to engage in selling phone parts, the stakes are usually low, so you have to be careful.

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4. Marketing the old cell phones

Some are based on selling old phones. Thus, it’s done in most countries across Africa. Most prefer buying a used phone that they trust from their friends or any they see astounding.

Marketing your used or old phones, and to donate old cell phones using online stores, such as our Marketplace here on the website, the Facebook marketplace and so on, is a good place to start from.

By doing this, you are indirectly generating income from old or used phones, and it also helps to reduce the number of phones being abandoned in landfills.

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