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Environmental Management

Challenges of Forest Administration and Forest Resources

Forest resource administrations in the state are carried out by the Department of Forestry in the Ministry of Environment. In the State, forests are governed centrally from the office of the governor to the Ministries of Environment and the Department of forestry. The effectiveness of a forest policy depends on the energy, drive and dedication of the National Forest Service.

In bridging the gap between policy formulation and various agents of implementation in the country, the Federal Department of Forestry shall play a leading role in forest management throughout the country.

Forest Administrative Department

This is the body responsible for implementation of forest policy and forestry issues in any country.

Through norms and legislation, financial means, an information and forest programme, forest policy is designed to promote the sustainable management of forest land resources uses.

There are different implementations of state forest administration systems in different countries.

For instance, in Europe there are different institutional structures and approaches, variation in legal rights and duties between private and public institutions, and also differences in the share of duties between national and local levels.

Challenges of Forest Administration

In many countries, forest ownership and settlement have become politically explosive, forcing many governments to introduce radical changes in the way forest resources are controlled and managed and, thus, prescribing new roles for Forest Administrations.

Forest Resources

But many Forest Administrations have yet to fully adjust to such changes and remain sub- optimal in their functions.

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It is widely recognized that forestry institutions in these countries have weak capacities to fulfill their functions.

Administration of Forest Resources

Adequacy of staff capacity and effectiveness of agencies tasked with forest administration, quality and effectiveness of information and data management systems adequacy, effectiveness and transparency of monitoring and evaluation and accessibility of results, extent to which monitoring and evaluation results are clearly incorporated into forest management planning, effectiveness of collection, sharing and redistribution of forest taxes, royalties, charges and rents and extent to which on-the-ground management of forests follows adopted policies, laws and plans.

Forest Law Enforcement

Appropriateness and consistency of application of penalties for breaches of forest laws and regulations, effectiveness of division of jurisdictional authority and responsibility for forest law enforcement, effectiveness of measures and tools to prevent forest crimes, effectiveness of incentives for officers and agencies to enforce forest laws, including investigation and prosecution, capacity of law enforcement agencies to suppress, detect and prevent forest-related crimes and illegal activities, appropriateness and effectiveness of enforcement agencies’ use of tools, instruments and information to enforce laws, capacity and willingness of the judiciary and law enforcement agencies to deal with cases of forest crime effectively, extent to which courts and arbitrators are accessible, fair, honest and independent, work in a timely manner that is are affordable; and deliver enforceable outcomes.

Role of Government

To ensure the necessary coordination and collaboration between institutions to promote a coordinated natural resources policy, conflict resolution, and spatial planning, ensure the protection of biodiversity habitats, sites of historical and cultural value, and scenery, ensure responsible attitude in forestry through its enactments and regulations, to adopt the anthropocentric approach through the provision of goods and services to the people (i.e. food security and general well-being of entire rural communities using forests to alleviate poverty.

In conclusion, forest administration is an invaluable asset for the effective sustainable management of forest resources for both present and future use. The government should strictly penalized offenders who are guilty of forest offense which would act as a deterrent to the populace.

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