Effects of Urban Environmental Degradation

Urbanization have several consequences on the environment that need major attention from policy makers. In this article, you will learn several consequences of environmental degradation affecting urban areas.

Effects of Urban Environmental Degradation

Some of the effects of urban environment degradation in developing countries include:

Increase industrial activities can lead to air pollution with significant impact on human health and ozone layer depletion.

Industries, dense urban houses, road construction and automobile exhaust contributes to urban heat island.

Large volumes of uncollected urban waste create risks to human health.

Urban development can magnify the risk of environmental hazards such as flash flooding.

Increase rate of urbanization affects biodiversity and vegetation loss in urban areas.

Pollution and physical barriers to root growth promote loss of urban vegetal cover.

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Effects of Urban Environmental Degradation

Different sources of noise in the city from aircraft, railways, music, loud speakers, and heavy vehicles impaired human hearing especially above 80dB.

Increase urban growth can lead to short of water supply in urban areas due to much demand

Land degradation is caused from different sources of soil pollution by heavy application of chemicals, dumping of domestic/industrial waste on soils.

Industrial effluents and domestic waste water discharge directly into water ways are potential risk to human health.

In conclusion, the effects of environmental degradation in urban areas is a major challenged confronting contemporary cities that need urgent attention.

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