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Disadvantages of Incineration of Wastes over of Landfills

Incineration is an alternative method of waste treatment to the landfilling, which can be carried out near the point of waste collection. Incinerating waste does not lead to production of gases such as methane and is a source of low-cost energy. However, it may be a more expensive compared to landfilling.

Generally there are much higher costs and longer payback periods, due to the high capital investment.

The incinerator is designed on the basis of a certain calorific value for the waste. Removal of materials such as paper and plastics for recycling may reduce the overall calorific value of the waste and consequently may affect incinerator performance.

Disadvantages of Incineration of Wastes over of Landfills

Whilst modern incinerators comply with existing emissions legislation there is some public concern that the emitted levels may still have an adverse effect on health.

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The incineration process still produces a solid waste residue which requires management.

In summary, incineration of waste is an alternative method of waste disposal to landfilling. Incineration does not produce methane, and waste is reduced to ash.

Wastes can be incinerated near the point of collection and it is more expensive compared to landfilling.


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