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Copper Wastes (Scrap Copper) Complete Money Making Guide

In this article, we are going to be looking at how you can make money from copper wastes (scrap copper). This is because so many people do not value copper wastes maybe because they do not know the value of copper wastes or they feel they cannot make money from them.

Copper is one of the usually valuable metals that can be recycled, and separating it from other metals can earn you some valuable amount of money especially when you decide to recycle them at any copper recycling center near me/you.

Copper is a very unique and precious metal that is overlooked by so many investors, even though it is one of the most important, useful, and reliable minerals without realizing that copper yields an excellent value to an investor.

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Where and How to Find Scrap Copper (Copper Wastes)

Copper Wastes (Scrap Copper) Complete Money Making Guide

Most people might be wondering where and how to find their scrap copper, and others start asking questions like; scrap copper prices, scrap copper prices near me, scrap copper price per pound, how much is scrap copper worth, and many more related questions.

Well, here are some places to get started below;

1. You can find scrap copper in construction and demolition sites

This is where you mostly hear that people get copper from. So it’s good that whenever you see a huge pile of copper, even if it is in dumpsters be very sure to always ask the owner’s permission before you take it.

This could even be regarded as the best place to find copper scrap.

2. Scrap Copper from Electronics

Home electronics like laptops, radio, or stereos, etc. usually have at least a bit of copper wire in them.

However, although removing the wires from these electronics can be tedious, but it is safer and easier than removing them from big appliances.

3. Scrap Copper from Home Appliances

You can get scrap coppers from home appliances especially old home appliances. You can look out for desktop computers and vintage stereo equipment’s in your home because these type of electronics often has a lot of copper inside them.

Also, other home appliances like refrigerators, dryers, air conditioners can be a very good source of copper.

However, although opening them can be very stressful, but with the right tools and your know-how, the money you will earn can as well worth all the effort.

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4. Copper Roofing

This is another great place to find copper is in copper roofing.

Architectural copper is used in making roofing systems, flashings and copings, rain gutters and downspouts, building expansion joints, wall cladding, domes, spires, vaults, and a variety of other design elements.

5. Home Plumbing and Kitchen Copper

If you are a friend with plumbers or if you are involved in some simple plumbing work around your home then you are likely to find a lot of recyclable copper pipes.

Also in the kitchen, some big sources of copper are beyond ordinary pipes, some kitchens have copper sinks, pots, or pans for decoration or cooking.

These are scrap-able materials that can likely fetch you a lot of money, that is if they are old and not in use again.

Unfortunately, sometimes some people can bring a bucket of scrap yards and they will end up earning a very low amount for their scrap.

This usually happens because they don’t know the tricks of earning dollars from scrap coppers.

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Copper Wastes (Scrap Copper) Money Making Tips

Copper Wastes (Scrap Copper) Complete Money Making Guide

Earning a lot of income from your scrap coppers or metals is 100% possible with a great potential to earn a huge sum off them.

Below are a few ways to make sure you get the most amount of money from your scrap coppers;

1. Separate your scrap coppers

If your scrap copper is not separated, scrap yards or scrap copper recycling centers will count them as low-priced metal.

That means that if you have your bag filled with aluminum, brass copper, for example, those in charge of the scrap yard will just give you the aluminum price, meanwhile, the scrap copper price or scrap copper price per pound is higher.

Therefore, separating each metal will be more beneficial and profitable to you because you will likely get higher prices for each of the metals.

To separate your scrap coppers, you can set up a container where you can separate them from other scrap metals.

2. Finding scrap metals at no cost

Scraping other people’s stuff that is no longer of use to them is one of the easiest ways to earn money.

You can get your scrap metals by taking electronics, cars, and maybe old appliances off people’s hands.

Also, you will need a vehicle or truck to pick up your scrap copper /metals, and to take them to a recycling center.

To make money from scrap metals /coppers is simply about you knowing about what to do and where to look out for.

Most people throw away their scrap metals at local dumpsters and some businesses leave their scraps out for a week or more.

You can get your scrap metals or copper scraps in your home or from a friend which is also one of the easiest ways.

Most people that work in construction companies have access to unused coppers that can even scrap themselves, so once you have such people as friends it will be very easy for you.

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3. Non-ferrous Scrap Coppers

There is a big difference between ferrous copper/metals and non-ferrous metals in the world of scrapping.

Ferrous metals normally contain more iron and are very easy to get than non-ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals are very hard to find but when you get them, they can fetch you more money.

In conclusion, copper is an important and valuable metal that can fetch a lot of money when you have them as scraps.

To get started, you will need to know or use the following;

1. You will need to know the different types of metals and understand the valuable ones from the ones that might not be completely valuable.

2. You will also need something to collect your metals like a cardboard box or truck.

3. You will need a magnet which is a hand tool for some scrappers and you can use a magnet to differentiate ferrous from non-ferrous metals.

4. For you to start gathering your copper scraps, you can go from door to door to give out your flyers which contain your details like location, and address. Thereby letting people know that you collect scrap metals and would be glad to take them off their hands.

You can even go into buildings and demolitions to collect scrap coppers if the situation warrants it.

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This is where I will be wrapping up our today’s discussion on different ways you can make money from copper scraps.

For more questions or other contributions, please kindly use the comment box below for all your contributions.

You are also encouraged to please share this article with your loved ones you feel can benefit from this information as we cannot reach everyone at the same time. Thank you for sharing!


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    Simply just throwing away metal materials could indeed be a huge waste. I can see us doing a better job if we can find a way to take those things to a recycling plant somewhere so that the experts there can better reuse them for other things. I’ll look around for a copper recycling expert since that’s the material most of our stuff is made out of.


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