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Computer Recycling Complete Beginners Guide

Computer recycling is widely known as the process of dismantling, reusing, and recycling your old computer, to prevent a landfill crisis and protect the environment.

Computers are known as the most used electronic products in the world, after laptops and phones. They can be found in homes, business offices, and schools.

They are commonly used for commercial purposes as well as for personal use. According to research, 40 million computer wastes are disposed of each year, with 70% of them recycled.

Computer Recycling Complete Beginners Guide

Computer Recycling Complete Beginners Guide

I once worked at a firm that deals with computers. And over my time there, we found it hard to find a place to keep our used computer waste (the ones no longer useful and beyond repair). Though, we never thought there was something called recycling. 

After years of keeping these computer wastes at the store and not having any option but to dispose of them in landfills, the environmental protection agencies called to our notice how we are going to damage the environment if we do such a thing. They suggested we recycle them and showed us the processes involved.

If you are an individual finding it hard to dispose of your computer waste, like us, recycling them is the best way. And this article will explain in detail the steps involved in computer recycling.

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In general, computer recycling is the process of dismantling a computer and recovering usable components, such as plastic, metal, and glass for the production of new products.

Computer recycling is important for multiple reasons. 

  • Firstly, it helps reduce the amount of electronic waste that is dumped into landfills. 
  • Secondly, it helps conserve resources and reduces the need to mine for new materials.
  • Thirdly, it protects the environment from harmful substances.

However, when recycling your computer waste, there are other methods involved, which will be explained in detail below:

1. Collection

When thinking of recycling your computer waste, the first step involved is to collect all waste within your location. Just like how we store our computers at the store, you can also find a great way to collect this computer waste in different ways.

Nevertheless, if you are the type that doesn’t have enough computers to recycle, you can as well carry them to a computer recycling centre such as Best Buy Computer Recycling, Staples Recycling Centre, or any other computer recycling centre you can find on the internet.

But a quick note you should know is that while most recycling centres will charge you for your items, some are free.

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2. Take the computer components apart

The second step involved in the recycling process of computers is to take all the computer components apart. These parts are then recycled and used to create new computers, printers, and other electronic devices. 

This process begins by taking the computer apart. This is done by removing the cover and taking out the internal components. These components include the motherboard, hard drive, memory, and CPU.

Moreover, the hard drive contains all of the data on the computer, and sometimes individuals still have enough usage for their hard drives and are still in need of them. So, if they are still interested in the hard drive, they are taken back from the recycling process, and if the hard drive isn’t useful to them, they are destroyed to prevent data from being recovered.

3. Clean and Sort them out

This stage of the recycling process includes sorting and cleaning all parts according to their types. The parts are made up of different materials such as metals, plastics, glasses, steel and more.

This stage includes separating all plastic materials from the metals as well as separating them from glasses. At this stage, they are being cleaned after being sorted out and crushed into smaller pieces for melting. However, not all materials can be crushed, for instance, metals and glasses.

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4. Melt them down

After the parts of the computers are broken down into smaller pieces, they are cleaned and sorted according to type, which includes separating the metals from the plastics and also the plastics from glasses for melting.

They are reused if usable or melted down into a new product. For instance, the plastic parts of computers are shredded into smaller pieces and then melted to form a new product. Though some ways can’t be done to metals and glasses, since they are made of different materials.

When thinking of the best ways to properly dispose of your computer waste, recycling is a great option to opt for because it’s the most friendly and acceptable way to dispose of waste.

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Best Buy Computer Recycling

Computer Recycling Complete Beginners Guide

Best Buy is an online tech marketer, or let me say marketers because they are not only online, but you can also find them offline at different locations within the US. Not only are they interested in only selling technology items, but they are also interested in recycling your computers regardless of where you buy them from and what products they are. 

If you are looking for a recycling centre to recycle your computer waste, you can check out Best Buy Computer Recycling and the processes involved in recycling your computers with them.

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Computer Recycling Center Near Me 

Many people think that “recycling” is exclusively the domain of large cities, but it’s quite common in many towns and cities across the country.

Finding a computer recycling centre near you can take a lot of effort and sometimes not, especially if you are living in the US. This is because, in the US, more recycling centres recycle computers than in any other country. However, you can find any no matter where you are. 

Finding a recycling centre near you involves using Google Maps or any other map available for use. With that, you can get the addresses and contact information of all the recycling companies within your location.

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