Benefits of Biotechnology Application to Industrial Production

Industrial biotechnology thrives to boost manufacturing outputs, create more jobs and at the same time minimize anthropogenic impact on the environment. This goal is achieved in several ways.

Industrial biotech uses enzymes and micro-organisms to make the production of several good such as paper and pulp, food, clothing, chemicals and bio-energy cheaper, more efficient and safer in a more environmentally efficient way using less energy, less water and producing less waste.

It helps create wealth from waste e.g. transforming agricultural products and organic waste into other substances that help reduce dependence on crude oil as a starting material for production and fossil fuel as the sole source of energy.

This technology is environmentally- friendly because it helps fight global warming. Besides, industrial biotech can save energy in production processes and lead to significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, as result of estimated reduction of 1-2.5 billion tonnes of C02 equivalent per year between now and 2030.

Benefits of Biotechnology Application to Industrial Production

Industrial biotechnology enables the introduction of more efficient, less energy-intensive processes.

This includes the use of fermentation and enzymatic processes in the fine chemicals sector, to produce for example vitamins, pharmaceutical intermediates and flavours.

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The technology is now being extended into larger volume segments such as polymers, bulk chemicals and bio-fuels, and many other industrial sectors.

Together, the environmental and economic benefits of industrial biotechnology will contribute towards a more sustainable society, with greater opportunities for job creation and retention, and a reduced dependence on fossil fuels.

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