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Best Ways to Dispose Used Can Wastes Properly  

Over the years, used cans, especially aluminum cans, have been known to be valuable non-biodegradable materials to manufacturing companies.

However, sometimes old cans are made from plastic, but they are not commonly used in most countries, like aluminum cans.

They are often used for packaging liquid products such as water, drinks, coffee, and even solid products such as peas and maize seeds.

Research has shown that improper disposal of materials such as cans (plastics or metal) can contribute to the increase in the rate of environmental pollution.

Some may not know the harmful effects of improper disposal of old cans when we choose to dispose of them in rivers, oceans, gutters, or even on the streets.

Some go ahead and burn can waste in their various homes, which exposes them to the risk of getting lung diseases due to the smoke produced by the burning cans.

This doesn’t only affect aquatic life but also affects us, humans.

However, many people are unaware that there are other proper ways to dispose of waste which would help us to save both aquatic and terrestrial life and also reduce environmental pollution on earth.

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4 Ways to Dispose Can Wastes Properly  

Best Ways to Dispose Used Can Wastes Properly  
Best Ways to Dispose Used Can Wastes Properly

So, how do we properly dispose your used cans or old cans?

1. Can Recycling

This has been chosen as one of the best ways to dispose of can waste.

The can waste is collected by the recycling facilities and turned (processed) into new products.

This contributes both to the economic growth of a country and also to the decrease of environmental pollution.

An individual may collect them from different homes and sell them to the recycling facility.

The recycling facility processes and turns them into new products.

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2. Dump them at Landfills

Landfills are the oldest and cheapest way of disposing of waste. However, can waste can’t be buried in landfills.

This applies to other garbage like bottles, plastics, glasses, etc.

You might wonder if they would degrade. Well, the degradation of those materials would take years, even a thousand years.

That is why they are not being buried in the land to avoid waste littering the environment.

However, sometimes they are picked up by individuals collecting this waste. Because cans are biodegradable, dumping them in landfills is not the best option right now.

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3. Can Incineration

Incineration is a waste treatment process that involves the heating of wastes, converting them to gas or ash. It is also called waste-to-energy.

This process is not a common way of disposing of waste, especially in this part of Africa.

For western countries practicing this, the heat generated from incinerating waste can be used to generate electricity.

But this has a disadvantage as well, which is air pollution.

The smoke produced tampers with the normal composition of air. However, this can be done mostly for plastic cans.

4. Reuse Them

Reusing can waste does not eliminate can waste, but it does reuse them by repurposing them to perform another function.

For example, a can be used as a merchandising cup for rice in local markets. Simple DIY can work the magic!

These ways of disposing of can waste are eco-friendly, especially recycling.

It is now easier to make money from it when you sell it to a recycling facility.

That way, you help to decrease the environmental pollution.

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