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Best Ways to Dispose Tire Wastes (Old Tires)

In this article, we will be looking at a proper method to dispose or discard our waste tires (tire wastes) to enable us answer certain questions like; what to do with old tires, uses for old tires, how to get rid of old tires, how to use old tires in a garden, and other related questions which are often asked by our amazing readers.

Although due to our environmental concerns, incineration of scrap tire rubber as a source for fuel is currently the most widely and usually used method of tire disposal.

The most recommended way to get rid of waste tires is to upcycle and recycle them.

You can take them to your local playground and change them to swings and other mini rides for kids.

The following are some ways to dispose old tires:

(1) You can take them to any local recycling centers around you.

(2) They can be exchanged at the garage.

(3) Upcycle them, i.e for recreating or craftwork.

(4) Take them to playgrounds, zoos, or sports clubs.

Tires certainly do not last forever, when they start to become old, worn out, and irreparable, some people will simply jump them in landfills to get rid of them, which can cause serious environmental hazards or damage.

For this reason, most people are looking for possible ways to recycle their old tires instead of just throwing them away.

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Best Ways to Dispose Tire Wastes
Tire waste disposal

Below are some of the recommended ways to properly dispose of your tire wastes;

Due to people’s constant search on the ideal or best approaches to dispose of their old tires, we recommend the following methods;

(1) It is good to exchange your tires at your local garage. This exchange is possible because most car servicing companies will be able to switch your old tires for new ones at a very affordable price.

(2) You can also use them in the garden, you can turn your old tires into herb pots instead of just throwing them away, you can fill them with manure, soil, plants, or whatever thing you want to grow in your garden.

(3) You can use your old tires to grow crops like vegetables, fruits, flowers, etc., as displayed in the image below.

Best Ways to Dispose Tire Wastes
Tire waste management

(4) You can get rid of your old tires by giving them out to shoemakers (shoe menders) around your environment who will gladly collect these tires from you.

The shoemakers will now change these old tires i.e convert them into rubber materials used in the production of shoe soles for shoes, sneakers, and sandals.

(5) There are usually many arts and craft artisans that use tires to create masterpieces in the form of art which can be sold for money.

Therefore, instead of just throwing or dumping your used tires in the garbage or just leaving them useless in the house or at dumpsters, you can give them out for free to the artisans who use mostly rubber arties to create art.

This is also a very good way to recycle your used tires in an environmentally appropriate way.

Old tires can also be used for unique and good challenging workouts.

You are helping other people to stay fit and good by keeping them away from landfills and also helping the environment to be in good condition.

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According to researchers, there is no environmentally friendly way to dispose of tires.

According to them, tires can take up to a million years to degrade, and that is why the only best way to dispose of the tire is by recycling them.

Some upcoming eco-friendly office campuses and cafés have repurposed old tires in which they turn them into starts and tables usually play parts using them for many purposes such as swings and collision resistors for go-karting arenas.

Tires are also used to make firm and safe roadbeds and railroad tracks. Tires that do not normally pass through inspection can be ground up and mixed with asphalt to produce a total number or amount for use in road paving.

It also replaces more expensive materials such as gravel or stone.

The following are some of the best ways by which you can handle used tires disposal:

Best Ways to Dispose Tire Wastes
Waste tires

(1) You can leave your tires with a retailer

(2) Drop off your waste tires with a fire shop for a fee

(3) You can call a junk removal service.

(4) Take tires to a general or specialized tire recycling facility.

Some states do allow shredded tires i.e tires that are cut into pieces in landfills and some other states allow you to throw them in the landfill for some amount.

Old tires that are worn out can still be used to produce new products but more effects are being made to reuse old tires in the making of new tires or garden mulch.

Most tires are converted into fuel but a majority of tires are burned.

It is not advisable to put tires into a dumpster under any circumstance because there are specialized services or centers for recycling that can handle the disposal of tires.

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Old tires are normally banned from landfills and also curbside pickup. Tires can take a very long period before they wear out and the main reason they cause environmental issues is that they stay for a very long time in the landfill. Old tires release toxic chemicals but it takes a very long time.

In summary, you are encouraged not to throw away your old tires because tires cause severe environmental damage and serve as a breeding ground for pests and diseases.

Old tires also take up valuable landfill space, therefore old tires are mostly not allowed in landfills again though it depends on your location.

The best approach is to find a tire recycling center nearest to me/you, where you can take your tire wastes to for tire recycling.

Careless disposal of a tire is no longer advisable, so it is either you take them to a recycling center, sell them off, or have some personnel who can properly dispose them for you to help save and protect our environment.

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This is where I will summarize our discussion of today on the recommended ways you can dispose, repurpose and reuse your old tires to save our environment as also benefit and earn some money from them instead of dumping them in landfills.

For more questions or other contributions, please use the comment box below for all your contributions.

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