Advantages and Disadvantages of Comminutor and Grinder

A major advantage of using communitors and grinders is that removal of grit reduces damage and maintenance to downstream processes.

Comminutors and grinders also eliminate screenings handling and disposal, which may improve the aesthetics of the plant, reducing odors, flies, and the unsightliness associated with screenings. Some recently developed grinders can chop, remove, wash, and compact the screenings.

The use of comminutors in cold weather eliminates the need to prevent collected screenings from freezing.

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Comminutors and grinders typically have a lower profile than screens, so cost savings can be significant when the units must be enclosed.

Disadvantages of Communitor and Grinder

Comminutors and grinders can create problems for downstream processes, such as increasing plastics buildup in digestion tanks or rag accumulation on air diffusers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Comminutor and Grinder

In addition, solids from communitors and grinders will not decompose during the digestion process. If these synthetic solids are not removed, they may cause biosolids to be rejected for reuse as a soil amendment.

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